One of the major drawbacks of performing reinforcement learning, imitation learning, deep learning research on real-world environment is the availability of appropriate simulation environments. For example in reinforcement learning a game or physics simulator is needed with good fidelity to real world scenarios.

There are plenty of games and simulators…

If you are a young individual about to enter the work force, congratulations! It is always an exciting time to build your life and career. But some of you may wonder what to do. The academic environment maybe is what you are used to coming out of schools. Then there…

I learn at my own pace, in my own house

In covid-19 times we had the opportunity to experiment with different learning methods beside the traditional classroom. This is good!

Having 20–30 students (or more) in a classroom listening to a live lecture is hardly an effective way to teach. There are several reasons why:

  • the time spent on getting…
Before building, let us learn to take care

One definition of intelligence is the ability to predict the future and the results of our actions. If an outside observed was to examine how are prepared for the late 2019 — 2020 coronavirus pandemic, one may not find it to resonate well with the definition of intelligence.

But if…

This posts explain the typical sequence-to-sequence (s2s) neural networks architecture and how to use them.


Imagine we have in input sequence X= [x1, x2, x3, …] and an output sequence Y= [y1, y2, y3, y4, …]. Inputs and outputs respectively use sequences with input symbols and output symbols. …

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