Artificial Intelligence in the year 2020: a new decade

The path of a new decade
  • categorizing and captioning images
  • identifying your face in images
  • autonomous driving
  • voice-enabled smart-home devices


  • applications: what we have, what we can do, what we can dream
  • neural networks: the tool that made this all possible


But since we are at the doorstep of a new decade, one can stop and think about what really have we enabled so far? Has our daily life changed? And what new applications would really change the way we live?

talk to it! will it listen?

one major upgrade to our lives from the last decades produced for us, are: the voice-enabled assistants

home automation needs neural networks

today home automation are complex tech and gadgets that are not being useful around the house

cameras are eyes for home automation
  • privacy: where is the camera, and are we ok with the camera monitoring certain areas?
  • where is the camera video sent to? does it reside in the house or sent to the cloud? If in the house, is it protected from theft and damage?
  • who processes the video from the camera for automation? A local server needs computing power and cost (maybe a PC with 1–2 GPUs), while a cloud computer is usually more expensive to run, has privacy issues, and requires streaming video over the internet = using significant internet bandwidth from the home cable connection.
feedback improves neural network
Dude: where is my autonomous car?
the hope for a robotic cook in the house: maybe this decade?

it is a nightmare of generalization

Neural Networks

minimizing a loss function is easy, but creating one is hard

the cost function needs to be learned by the neural system

it predicts a great decade for neural networks
  • a deep neural network that takes large data inputs, like video or audio and compress it into representations
  • a classifier or sequence-learning neural network to learn tasks
wee need new neural networks all the time — see here

This blog post will evolve, like our algorithms and our machines. Please check it again soon.

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I dream and build new technology

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Eugenio Culurciello

Eugenio Culurciello

I dream and build new technology

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