Clean your social network

Eugenio Culurciello
2 min readNov 13, 2022


Do you feel like your social network is not what it used to be? The messages and community you once enjoyed are not giving you the warm feeling they once did?

it may be partly your fault…

Selecting the right people and connection after all, is the foundation of a social network. Initially, in the early days of your social networking, you had fewer connections and it was about sharing passion and good times. But then, over time you connected with people that think more like you in one extreme or the other. Oftentimes in periods of negativity you can accumulate several negative connections that will then bring you down and keep you down even in more positive times!

But there is an easy fix: every once in a while, clean your social network!

What do I mean by clean? You may need to go over all of the people or groups you follow, and ask yourself:

  • do I recognize this person?
  • does this person bring a positive feeling?
  • does this person contribute to my learning or self-improvement?
  • does this person connect me with other like-minded positive people?

If your answers are mostly no, whether with solid proof or by gut feeling, then remove than social connection from your network!

It may take a while, as year by year you have accumulated 10s, hundreds, thousands of connections. It may take 2–3 hours of work, sifting through all your social network, but the good news is that it does not need to be completed in one session. You can take a few minutes per day over some time, and get the cleaning done!

In some cases it may be easier to just delete your account and start fresh, but it is not always easy or for the faint of heart!

Regardless, make sure you complete the process and repeat it once a year or two. This will clean your social network!

What should you expect after?

  • you will be connected to more likely minded people
  • you will feel part of a close-knit again
  • you will receive the information you want
  • you will find it warmer in your heart
  • it may be like an extension of your home

This should be a Spring-cleaning type of yearly task that we should often perform to feel better and restore our network!