Guidelines for re-opening in safety

First rule

R0- If you are sick, with cough or sneezing: stay at home and quarantine, and get tested for covid-19 if you can. Absolutely be careful not to infect any members of your family and immediate surroundings.

General guidelines

G1- everyone needs to wear a mask in public and in confined spaces where others are present. Keep 6 ft = 2 m distance from any other person or family group. Mask is very important, and often neglected in official guidelines! Masks are effective! See also simulations of how far your breathing and sneezing and cough can travel!

When outside

G5- demand precaution for store and services: absolute keeping of distance between people, use masks, make sure they disinfect pens and credit cards when possible

What we can do for others

G8- provide gentle and corteous peer policing, remind people to keep distance and wear masks, and not to come too close. policing and tickets and even some discouraging looks may help. But always with courtesy and patience.

Final notes

Hopefully this will help us all to decrease the risks to us and our families, friends, loved ones, and all around us!



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