Should we worry about AI (machine-learning)?

Eugenio Culurciello
7 min readMay 24, 2023
Artificial intelligence that is nice — by DALL-E2

I have to start this discussion with a note. AI = artificial intelligence. What that really means is not well defined. In my mind intelligence means being able to use acquired knowledge to solve problems never encountered before, optimizing utility.

These days the words “AI” are everywhere, but maybe we should start by saying that most of what is labeled AI today is really just “a machine learning algorithm and architecture”.

I like to start with this because I think it sets the tone for everything else. People have seen movies about AI and what it can do. They have seen AI controlling spaceships that get rid of their crew. AI that creates robot to wipe out the human race. AI that starts an atomic war and ends our planet.

There are also movies about AI curing all diseases, designing new devices, re-programming humans for the betterment of our world (yep!). And many more fantasies that paint a more rosy future.

These are movies, stories, fantasies. They are not real.

Artificial intelligence that is evil — by DALL-E2

the question is: can they be real one day?