Your new YouTube, Zillow, Facebook

tough choice

On one side you have your passion and fire towards the idea. You may have a few new tricks up your sleeves that the established businesses do not have implemented. On the other side you have all your friends asking you “yes but what will you do different” and investor asking you to do “10x better”.

maybe just the name

Maybe it is just your new business name, shouldn’t it attract more visitor, tired of the old website? After all we all crave new things, right? A new car every 1–2 years, a new house, a new kitchen. How can be content with the same FaceBook for 15+ years? Or the same Twitter? Partly is the network effect, the amount of “stuff” that is already there in the old website.

the unreasonable [wo]man

Yet nothing would change and we would all be stuck with the past if it was not for the unreasonable person that wants to do it anyway! After all we already witnessed another Facebook: Twitter. Or a new YouTube: TikTok. These new ideas came up against the elephants and found their place. Twitter came up when the other elephant was young, TikTok when it other elephant was old. In both case we have an example of success!

well it is not so unreasonable after all

If these new sites succeeded against the odds, why not your idea? It is all about marketing. Marketing starts when you put your startup pitch together. Can you convince people of your mission? Of the new horizons and new advantages. How did explorers convince workers to go with them to find Eldorado? The promise of gold? Fame?

About the author

I have almost 20 years of experience in neural networks in both hardware and software (a rare combination). See about me here: Medium, webpage, Scholar, LinkedIn, and more…



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